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Artist statement

Arcology, coined by the late architect Paolo Soleri, is the fusion of architecture and ecology. It describes the tension between space and place, something I consider often, as my work conjures imagined worlds that evoke both the open, sun-filled spaces of South Africa, where I was born and raised, and the colder New England climate where I currently reside.

My drawings are full of the familiar, the distant, unknown, imagined, and everyday. Bright lyrical vignettes of animals and people dance before us in a metaphysical picture plane, spilling across the walls into ever-building expanses. I weave the images into both linear and non-linear spaces, forming spatial contradictions that emphasize the vastness of space and the immediacy of our experience.

All phenomena, no matter where they originate, may evoke a sense of curiosity about the unfamiliar and an appreciation of the constant fresh new moment.